Parent FAQ’s

What is the application process?

Contact the Bartos Child and Family Center for an interest packet, which includes an enrollment interest form to be completed to begin the application and enrollment process.

Does the center provide meals and snacks?

The Center provides nutritious morning and afternoon snacks. A menu is posted at the beginning of each week. If your child is at the Center over lunch hours, please pack a nutritious lunch. Let the Center know about any food allergies your child may have.

What if my child gets sick?

The Center has a policy regarding illness to help keep all children as healthy as possible.  If a child develops symptoms that would require they be taken home, the parent will be notified and the Center staff will make the child as comfortable as possible until he or she is picked up.

Are you open when it snows?

The Center remains open unless the University is delayed or closed.  If the University is opening late the Center will open one hour before.  If the University is closing early, the Center will close one hour later.  If University classes are cancelled or delayed, this does not affect the Center.

How will I know what my child is doing during the day, and if my child is progressively learning?

Teachers of all age groups complete daily contact sheets to be sent home with children at the end of each day. In the event that parents would like to have additional information about their child’s time at the center, communication with the classroom teacher is encouraged.

Teachers also compile individual child work samples into portfolios. Parents may view their child’s portfolios or request a conference with their child’s teacher at any time throughout the year. The goal of the CFC is to hold at least two parent teacher conferences per year (usually August and February) to inform parents of the developmental strengths and goals for their child(ren) and to update necessary paperwork. This information may be compiled through the use of observations, standardized testing, photographs and videotaping. The classroom teachers will then use this information in their lesson plans in order to meet the needs of the children.

Does the staff go through background checks?

The center strives to maintain the highest quality staff. Staff at the center meets the following qualifications as a minimum requirement:

  1. Criminal background check
  2. Child Abuse History check
  3. FBI Clearance
  4. Physician’s health assessment, including a negative TB test
  5. First aid, CPR and fire safety training
  6. Staff must meet or exceed PA licensing requirements in education and experience

Do your teachers have degrees in education?

Each of our full-time teachers and the Program Director holds at least a four-year degree in early childhood education, elementary education, or a related discipline. In addition, graduate and undergraduate students from Shippensburg University enrich the program by working in the classrooms with our enrolled students.