“Barto’s Child and Family Center is the best daycare center ever. I started taking my first child there when he was a little over 1 years old. I now have two children and they are both enrolled in Barto’s Child and Family Center. The staff that works there is incredible. When it is time for the children to move up into a different room it is sad that they are leaving the previous teacher but they are moving up to another fantastic teacher. Everyone in the center treats and acts like we are all one big family. The bonds the children make with one another, and the parents even make a bond with the children as well as their parents. The curriculum the teachers teach the children is wonderful. Both of my children are so smart. I know for a fact it is because of the teachers and the one on one that they receive from the staff. I have always felt safe when leaving my children in the care of the staff at Barto’s. The director that runs the center is a top notch woman. She does a wonderful job running the center and making it great for everyone. Shout out to Miss Noami and Mrs. Erin as these teachers are my children’s current teachers. They are both so wonderful at their job. I am so happy my children get to share their learning experience with them. I would recommend anyone and everyone that is looking for a family center to Barto’s Child and Family Center.”